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Demonstrational evaluation of AnTherm

You are invited to evaluate a demonstrational version of the program AnTherm - at no costs at no premises - by using a limited demonstrational trial license for few weeks.

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Prior to installing the program please verify if all requirements are met by your target installation system.

The download and the installation of this free evaluation package is only possible after completing the registration. After filling the registration form you will either be directly transferred to the download page or you will receive complete download instructions at the e-Mail address you've provided in the form (download instructions will be sent sent to you via e-Mail during 36 hours after the registration).

>>> Enter Registration / Request / Download <<<

In the case you do not wish to register, but you still want to evaluate this sophisticated and powerful program, then please send us a request by E-Mail.

Exhaustive documentation, user manual, short reference and tutorials plus examples, videos and so on make starting the usage of thermal bridges software easy.

Media and information

Below you will find information-, advertisement- and datasheets:

TypeTitle / Description / Content   
orderORDER FORM of the program AnTherm0,65MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
EN 10211
Evaluation report of validation examples from EN ISO 10211:2007
Appendix: Input and evaluation reports of all reference cases
pdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
AnTherm FileProject files of all test cases in the validation EN ISO 10211:200711 KBzip 
EN 10077
Evaluation report of validation examples from EN ISO 10077-2:2003
Appendix: Input and evaluation reports of all reference cases
pdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
AnTherm FileProject files of all test cases in the validation EN ISO 10077:200339 KBzip 
infoAn information flyer for the Thermal Bridges Calculation Program AnTherm0,22MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
infoMajor functional elements of the program AnTherm0,12MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
infoMajor functional elements of the Vapor Diffusion Extension (VAPOR-Option) of the program AnTherm0,20MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
promotionCollage made from graphical results and screenshot created with AnTherm resulting from various thermal and heat simulations and examples2,22MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
infoKey technical requirements for the program AnTherm and short introduction about the vendor Kornicki0,96MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
promotionDas Empfehlungsschreiben vom Ao. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Klaus Kreč anlässlich des Erscheinens des Wärmebrückenprogramms AnTherm V1.01,14MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
infoBericht zur Durchrechnung der Validierungsbeispiele aus der EN ISO 10211-1:1996 (refer to current validation report above here).1,20MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
infoDie Präsentation der Validerungsbeispiele (Berechnung von verschieden Wärmebrücke Varianten - auch den in die Normung Neuaufgenommenen) welche vor dem Komitee FNA 175 "Wärmeschutz von Gebäuden und Bauteilen" des Österreichischen Normungsinstitutes am 15.Sept.2005 präsentiert wurde. 2,95MBppsMicrosoft Office File Viewers
documentationComplete manual (Version 4.71) - actual version available online as HTML6,50MBpdfAdobe Acrobat Reader
articlesTheoretical Background - Articles and Essays   
articlesDiploma Thesis, Student Projects, Dissertations   
infoExplanation of the 3D Navigation within graphical evaluation of AnTherm1,68MBwmvGet Windows Media Player
infoShort trip through various graphical analysis methods and visualizations used for evaluation of results7,55MBwmvGet Windows Media Player

Wärmebrücken berechnen (AnTherm)
Psi-Wert Rechner
U-Wert Rechner
Luft-Hohlraum Rechner
Grenzfeuchte (Kondensfeuchte) Rechner
METEONORM - Klimadatenbank und Wettergenerator
Thermal Bridges Calculation (AnTherm)
Psi-Value Calculator
U-Value Calculator
Air Cavity Calculator
Condensing Humidity (dew point) Calculator
METEONORM - Climate- and Weather Generator
Mostki cieplne (AnTherm)
METEONORM - generator Klimatu i Pogody
CE Gefährdungsanalyse MaschCE
CE Hazard Analysis MaschCE
CE Analiza zagrozen MaschCE
SolRad3 Sonnenstrahlung
GEBA Gebäudesimulation
Bücher Bauphysik

Thermal Bridges
Features & Attributes
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European Standards
Vapor Diffusion
Example results
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Demo & Downloads
3D Navigation
System Requirements
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Product life cycle
Training & Seminars
Diploma & Projects
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