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"Building Performance Simulation in a Changing Environment"
Third German-Austrian IBPSA Conference
September 22 - 24, 2010
Vienna University of Technology   

A forum dedicated to the advancement and promotion
of the science and technology of building performance simulation
with a view to improving the design, construction, operation,
maintenance and refurbishment of new and existing buildings.

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The BauSIM 2010 conference at the Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria, provides an overview of the state of art in building performance simulation. Both theoretical advances and practical applications are represented, providing the opportunity for in-depth discussions and information exchange between scientists, experts, and, practitioners in the building sector.

Building performance simulation in a changing environment

More than ever before, the building design, construction, and operation community is expected to provide solutions in the complex context of a changing environment. Such solutions must not only satisfy increasing stringent ecological (energy-efficient, low-carbon architecture) and economical requirements, but also provide healthy and comfortable living and working environments for building users and occupants. Far from an activity performed by few experts at the backend of the design stage, building performance simulation must be increasing regarded as a necessarily pervasive and integrated component of the building delivery process: sustainability in building design, construction, and maintenance has been as one of the most important issues for the public in terms of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. The building sector makes a significant contribution towards the total primary energy requirements where non-renewable energy resources are still required to cover most of these needs. In order to objectively predict the potential for economy or to evaluate thermal comfort that is already at the early design stag, practice-oriented evaluation methods are needed to simulate the consumption of energy and resources and to predict thermal comfort in buildings. Not merely the energy consumption during actual operation but the entire life-cycle of a building will have to be taken into account. Moreover, simulation pertaining to thermal, visual, and acoustical performance of buildings allows for the evaluation of indoor environmental quality from the point of view of building users.

Topics of BauSIM 2010

The conference covers the following topics within the scope of building performance simulation. Emphasis is placed on the issues "energy efficiency in building design" and "thermal comfort in rooms":

  • Advances in building physics, heat, air, moisture and radiation transfer modelling
  • Air flow simulation, room air quality
  • Thermal comfort in rooms
  • Thermal behaviour in the summer, (natural) ventilation concepts
  • Building codes and regulations, simplified methods versus detailed simulation
  • Resource requirements of buildings, life-cycle assessment
  • HVAC simulation, building control and optimization, interaction with building control systems
  • Solar energy systems, thermal storage
  • Renewable energy resources, geothermics
  • Lighting and acoustics
  • Simulation tools and applications for sustainable building design
  • Integration, interoperability Internet-based techniques
  • Software development, open source initiatives
  • Advances in teaching and education, eLearning

For further details and registration please contact the organizers.

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